Gandhi : Common Man

Hi, here comes my next drawing. Actually 
I am developing this as a concept and 
planning to continue as a series. It may
take a while to give it a final shape.


BG Study

OK, it's now time for some BG painting...

Today a young friend came to me asking for digital
painting tips. The fact is being clear, he is going to attend an interview for BG artist post in a local animation studio. And this was the the demo painting I've explained him in photoshop. It took an hour or so. I felt pretty happy that I was able to finish the painting while explaining him. I am posting it after adding little details on the water.

    Later I was explaining animation in flash for two of my other friends.

    All of the three are familiar with 3D animation and they think (literally complain) that it's now flash that is ruling the industry. Obviously it will.

    Also, what I found is many artists are forced to buy a digital tablet and they don't know whether to go for wacom or any second choice. As the reason is being price range, it seems considerable. But as a wacom intuos 4 user for 5 years, I suggest it strongly not to go for any thing less than wacom. Though it is expensive for any of our artists, I can clearly give my word, it will never let you down with your artistic ego ( or may be urge).

    As there are many gadgets trending now like tablet pc's, touch screen phones, I feel an artist should better be equipped with the reasonable paraphernalia to cater market requirements rather than blaming it. 
Ultimately speed and quality is the motto. 
don't forget to stick to the basics of your art.