Mahesh Babu getup

This one, I've done for one of my show Maheshbabu character in a different getup...a native one. I've removed the titles, and other details to keep it simple, and for privacy sake.

-chandram (29apr2012)


We are Homeless

'We are Homeless'

These rough drawings are developed to
visualize a 3d animation short film.I loved
the concept as it is based on 'Biodiversity'.
After working on 'Nalgonda bachavo' based
on a protest against Uranium plant in
Nalgonda district, and 'Global warming',
for a commissioned programme for DD, here comes
my favorite topic again. Seems appropriate...!
These drawings are developed for a quick view
of the concept. we are still working on the
styles of characters as well as  backgrounds.
Taking a chance, I would prefer to appreciate
my friends for focusing on an important topic.

-chandram (26apr2012)


4 Leg Walk Animation Sample

Four Leg walk animation sample.


Cartoon Storyboards